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Welcome to Visaiyon, where innovation meets performance. Explore our groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) technology and discover why investing in us means investing in the future.

Disruptive Technology

Visaiyon is redefining the electric mobility landscape with groundbreaking technologies.
Our innovative Liquid cooled battery and dynamic torque variation motor technology are set to disrupt traditional norms and drive industry-wide change.


100 kms of range(IDC) in 30 minutes charging time reducing the downtime for EV owners.
With our patented liquid cooled technology, we ensure uncompromised safety and reliability of the battery while offering extreme performance.

Revolutionary Drive Train

Our patented electric drive train is designed to deliver extreme performance delivering 20% improved range. Segment first motor technology delivers a truly unique and a never before riding experience.

The Jagen

Performance Metrics: Clocks 0-60 kmph in under 3 seconds, a top speed of 150 km/h, and a range of 200 kms on a single charge.
In-House Design: Our EV is engineered and handcrafted in-house, showcasing our dedication to quality and innovation.

Intelligent Battery Management

Enhanced Range: Our proprietary Battery Management System extends EV range by 15% through optimized energy usage.
Adaptive Control: Real-time monitoring and adaptive algorithms ensure battery health and performance are maximized.
Safety Assurance: Our system reduces battery-related safety incidents by 20%, increasing user confidence.

Visaiyon Motor Technology

Ride more and Charge Less!: First in segment "The Jagen" comes with torque vectoring. Our intelligent motor control algorithm delivers on demand torque, performance and 20% improved range all at the same time - truly unique experience!

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Investing in Visaiyon is an investment in innovation, sustainability, and future returns. Secure your stake in the electric mobility revolution today.

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