What is Visaiyon?

Visaiyon is an electric vehicle (EV) startup based in Chennai, India. Our team of professionals is dedicated to developing high-performance electric motorcycles that combine innovation, sustainability, and superior performance. We aim to revolutionize the EV market with cutting-edge technology and engineering excellence.


Purpose of Investment?

The funds raised will be used for engineering and development activity, where at the end of 8 months (Aug 2024 – April 2025) we will be ready with 2 pre-production ready vehicles with full performance and functionality.


What is the Minimum token size?

3 lakh INR (~3600 USD)


What is the Maximum token size?

No limits 🙂


What are the risks involved and what is the exit strategy?

Like all investments, there are risks involved in this also. The CCPS allows you to hold shares in the company and you will be given a chance to exit when we are doing our next Qualified financial round. Our aspiration is to go for an IPO, you can also wait and make an exit during the IPO.


Will I Be Involved in Business Decisions?

No, investors will not be involved in the day-to-day business decisions of the company. However, your investment will enable us to make strategic decisions that drive growth and innovation. We value your trust and aim to provide transparency and regular updates on our progress.


How Often Will I Receive Updates About the Business?

You will receive updates at key milestones, such as when we achieve significant technology advancements or secure additional funding. These updates will keep you informed about our progress and how your investment is contributing to our success. We aim to maintain open communication and ensure our investors are well-informed about the company’s developments.

Thank You for Your Commitment!