"Our vision is to become the state of art electric vehicle company that accelerates and drives the world through sustainable energy."

Who we are

Strong Team

We are a team of young Engineers with more than 5 years of diversed industry experience. We have been knowing each other for the past 10 years

What we do

Passionate Engineers accelerating the world

We have been working in various projects since our college days. This made us to work on some real world problems. We are developing an uncompromised electric motorbike for India

How we work

We work like Monsters

Nothing is easy. The great challenge is to continuously work on a concept amidst our job, location and timing diversities. Yes, we have done this for past 5 years shaping our technology registering several IPs and developed 3 prototypes. Its time to revolutionize the personal transportation


Indigenous battery pack technology with ultra fast charging capacity


Proprietary motor control bridging the gap between performance and range


Design that creates a true bond with you. 

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"We are looking for investments"

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